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new here

hey everybody i was bored today so i searched biffy in interests and found this....this is so awesome! i sorta got a girl crush on biffy.....she is my favorite and i wish i could be more like her! she is so inspiring to me she is so smart. i saw her only once unfortunately last yr in burlington, and she was so awesome! i got to the venue early and i saw her by her tour bus. i went over to say hi but i was so starstruck i just stared! i felt so dumb and i dont think i regret anything more than that.... but is anyone in here from the us? i'm a buffalonian, and not many people here know biffy! i hope she has a us tour too.....or comes close enough to buffalo to drive. oh and i was born in india too like her! but i'm indian, but also adopted from there. well um, i'm new to livejournal too somewhat so if any of ya wanna talk feel free, would be cool to talk to biffy fans!
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